Yerevan, being a small city, has many attractive places both for children and adults. Yerevan is very beautiful especially in the evenings and a nights. Everyone can find various activities.


This is special place, where people come to spend their holidays, relax if they are fond of seaside amusements and prefer water and sunbathing to anything else. The white deck chairs placed along the swimming pool, the tropical plants, the warm air and pleasant atmosphere will provide a complete rest in Water-world. There are swimming pools for children and adults, a special Jacuzzi with a bar, ad isolated swimming pool. The brilliant combination of these unique services will surely satisfy the most demanding visitors.


Address: 40 Myansnikyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 10 63 89 98


Mirzoyan Library is first photo book-library in the region. It was founded the 10th August 10, 2014 by Karen Mirzoyan – well-known documentary photographer. He has donated the first part of the photo book, providing an example to everyone who would like to place to books at the library. Using this approach, everyone from whole world started to gift the books to the library. The library contains books of different genres, primarily the art and documentary photography. Each month we organize several master-classes, speeches, events, which are related not only with photography, but also with other kinds of art. We also organize an Instagram competitions and the winners photos are placed on the yard exhibition space. The library’s reading room is open every day, except Monday, from 12pm till 8pm.


Address: 10 Mher Mkrtchyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 96 88 83 20


Armenia is known for its slim and excellent horse species. Today many organizations deal with horse breeding, and many sportsmen and amateurs go in for this sport. You can enjoy your time nearby racecourses of Yerevan, which have summer outdoor and winter indoor stadiums.


Address: 39 Shirak Str.,

Tel. + 374 10 46 55 55


Welcome to “Yerevan Zipline Airlines” – a journey to unrepeatable sensations. The zip line is the longest in Armenia. The first line is about 870 meters long. The highest point is in the beginning – 123 meters, which passes under the bridge at 87-90 meters height. You can speed up to 120-140 kilometers per hour experiencing unique and dreamlike moments. By the way, this zip line is the only one in the world, passing under a bridge. This pleasure costs only 14.000 AMD. Car transfer from the ending point back to the starting point is free of charge.


Address: 114/1 Parazyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 43 40 90 90


While you are in Yerevan don’t miss your chance to pay a visit the Spa with Armenian wine and grapes! The first and unique spa center in Yerevan, Armenia. The grape and wine SPA shall give you an opportunity to feel the magic strength of the Ararat valley sweet grape. The wine bathing, steaming, skin peeling with the grape seeds and fresh blend, the massage with the grape oil and too many procedures shall take you to another world of Edem. You will taste the grape honey juice and wine made of it, which is a Divine drink (free of charge).


Address: 36/2 Proshyan Str.,



Thinking about an original and unforgettable luxuries entertainment in Yerevan? LET’S DINE IN THE SKY. Enjoy your unique Lunch and Dinner while gazing on the Yerevan Skyline 50 meters high! The flying table having venue for 22 pax awaits to welcome you with its most delicious dishes. If you are looking for an extraordinary selfie where you will be able to show as well the beauty of the eldest city in the world, then Dine Sky is the best choice for you.


Address: 30/1 Arshakuniants Ave.,

Tel. + 374 11 55 00 25



Cityzen is children’s city of professions which is the biggest interactive-developing project in Armenia, designed for children age of 4-14. Cityzen is a small model of a city with its infrastructures, laws and establishments. Trying themselves in role of fireman, banker or dentist, children can get a general understanding about these professions which they can master in future. A safe, educative and a the same time entertaining atmosphere is created in Cityzen.

Address: 35 Acharyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 10 62 09 99



Play City is the only place in Armenia, where you can enjoy karting, bowling, paintball, bumper car, mini golf and much more in one place. Play City is the only place in Armenia, where you can find such amount of various services for your pastime and entertainment, gathered in one place. There are available Karting, Bowling, Buggy, Game Zone, 7D Cinema, Bumper-Car, Mini Golf, Paint Ball, Billiards, as well as restaurant and café-bar.


Address: 35 Acharyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 10 62 09 99



Photo Atelier Marashlyan (PhAM) – first professional photo studio in Armenia, established in 2013, specialized in organizing photo sessions in Armenian traditional and vintage costumes. One can have individual, family and group photo shoots, wearing traditional Armenian costumes of different regions of historical Armenia with all its elements, ornaments and headscarves.


 Address: 10 Mher Mkrtchyan Str.,

Tel. + 374 91 56 82 60



The Planetarium in Yerevan is the first and unique in Armenia, established in 2019. Here you can enter and discover all the secrets of the space and understand the enormous progress that has been made in space exploration for making.


Address: English Park, Khorenatsi 22/2 Str.,

Tel. + 374 96 20 32 35