As Yerevan is an old city, the visitors here can do a nice shopping starting from souvenirs from open air markets up to modern supermarkets and various shops of the latest fashion.


Grocery stores and supermarkets are quite widespread in Yerevan. There is small shop in the backyard of almost every building, and a supermarket in each neighborhood. Most supermarkets are conveniently open 24 hours.


Many famous clothing brands have boutiques in Yerevan. Mainly, these stores are concentrated on Abovyan, Teryan and Tumanyan Streets, Sayat Nova Avenue and Northern Avenue. Prices are comparable to European and American prices.


Vernissage is a open air market in Yerevan where the visitors can do a good shopping even spend a free time just admiring the paintings, handmade stuff and souvenirs and some antique things, carpets. Here the visitors can also buy Armenian arts and crafts, carvings, pottery, silken scarves and dolls with traditional and mixed costumes and so on. This market is mostly opened on weekends. But there are many other souvenir shops in Yerevan which are open during the week.


In Yerevan you will have a big choice of Souvenir Shops. Most of the art and craft you will find here is made from silk, pottery and wood. Armenia has vast resources of obsidian, and objects of art are fashioned from this dark, glassy volcanic rock. Armenians are expert makers of lace and embroidery, so keep an eye out for this handicraft.


The Markets are open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Here you can buy vegetables, fruits, famous Armenian sweets and dried fruits, oriental spices, cheese and dairy products from the villages.


There are also shopping centers (Malls) (Dalma Garden Mall, Yerevan Mall, Rossia Mall, Tashir Mall, Rio Mall) in Yerevan. Besides the shopping malls and centers you can see many small shops in the central streets of Yerevan.