Yerevan is a small city and easy and pleasant to walk around. The majority of places of interest, museums, cafés and restaurants are in the city center. You can walk across the city center in less than an hour.


Buses and minibuses (“marshrutni”) are the most popular mode of transportation in the city. Regardless of the distance, the fare is 100 drams within the city boundaries.


There are only 10 subway stations in Yerevan. You buy the 100 drams token before entering. Tokens are sold right in the station. There are also cards that have a predetermined quantity of trips.


Taxis are incredibly convenient in the city. You can flag down a cab practically anywhere and they are often parked at the curb waiting for clients. On average, the fare is 100 drams per kilometer. The minimum fare is either 500 or 600 drams. The majority of taxis have a meter. Avoid taking one that does not have a meter.


Renting a car is not the most advisable means of transport if you are planning on staying in the city. There are  many traffic lights, and traffic jams are common on work days. Even parking lots and backyards of buildings are congested, so a car can become a real burden. On the other hand, renting a car is viable option of you have decided to take short trips to other regions of the country.