Armenia has beautiful Caucasian landscapes and is made up essentially of mountains, has an average altitude of 900 m. In this country dominate the landscapes of high mountain  with snowy peaks. The highest peak is that of Mount Aragats (4,095 m). The slopes of the mountains are often arid, but they plunge into lush and much more welcoming valleys. In winter, the country is covered in snow. The view of Mount Ararat (refuge of Noah’s Ark) from the monastery of Khor Virap remains one of the strong images of Armenia, although this mythical mountain which dominates the capital Yerevan at more than 5,000 meters above sea level, is located on the Turkish side of the border.


Transfer and accommodation in hotel. Relax. Dinner.

After breakfast we will begin the discovery of the city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, one of the most ancient cities of the world, located in the shadow of the biblical Mount Ararat: the Republic square, the Cascade, the Opera House. A nice walk in the heart of the city. With the genius of the architect Alexander Tamanyan, the urban designer of the city of Yerevan, the ancient traditions of national architecture awakened and the Republic Square became the model window of a new self-confident country. Cross the building of the Radio “Yerevan” and ride the bicycle towards the imposing Cascade, which forms the heart of the city. From here we have a wonderful view of the whole city. Dinner in a typical traditional Armenian restaurant. Overnight in Yerevan.

Bicycle path: about 55 km, 900-2.000 m

After breakfast, acclimatization bike tour to Saghmossavank, a monastery located on the picturesque gorge of river Kasagh from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of Mount Ararat and Aragatz. The monastery of the Psalms dates back to the 13th century, where psalms were once written and sung. Dinner and overnight at Aragatz. FA

Bicycle path: about 80 km, 2.000–2.200-1.300 m

After breakfast we will visit Aparan, one of Armenia’s oldest cities (2nd century) and its famous 4th century Basilica. Here you have a good opportunity to have a conversation with the priest of the church. The Spitak pass will take you through a gently grassy plateau with the Yazidi villages and to the cities of Spitak and Vanadzor, which were hit by the 1988 earthquake. Dinner and overnight in Vanadzor. FA

Bicycle path: about 50 km, 1.300-2.000-1.400m 

After breakfast we will begin our first stage by bike through a wooded hillside. The city of Stepanavan is particularly known for its famous Dendropark with numerous plants and e Caucasian endemic trees. Dendropark is the first botanical garden in Armenia, founded in 1931 and home to a large variety of plants, deciduous forests and ornamental plants. Dinner and overnight in Stepanavan. FA

Bicycle path: about 55 km, 1.400 – 720 – 1.000 m

After breakfast we leave towards the richest wooded area of Armenia with its inaccessible villages, where the most important medieval monasteries and educational centers are hidden. We will continue ՛՛The Way of Monasteries ՛՛. The harmonious coordination of the buildings erected one after the other is certainly an architectural masterpiece. Visit to the 6th century domed Basilica of Odzun. Then, we discover the Haghpat monastery (UNESCO site) on a plateau with a wonderful view. Dinner and overnight in Haghpat. FA

Bicycle path: about 83 km, 1.000 – 486 – 1.200 – 550 m 

After breakfast we will begin a wonderful path to the city of Ijevan through the green oases with the fantastic panorama of the Armenian Alps. Mountains over 3000 m high will accompany us continuously. Dinner and overnight in Ijevan. FA

Bicycle path: about 75 km, 550 – 1.260 – 1.426 – 1.350m 

After breakfast, an early morning walk in the Ijevan market and afterwards continue through a densely wooded hilly landscape to the monastic complex of Gosh (13th century). Visit to the splendid 12th century monasteries of Goshavank and Haghartsin, where we can also enjoy the beauty of the Armenian cross stones. The itinerary ends in Dilijan, a small resort town in the middle of a densely wooded nature reserve. Here you can find very beautiful examples of traditional Armenian wooden architecture. Dinner and overnight in Dilijan. FA

Bicycle path: about 80 km, 2.017 – 1.900 – 1.955 m

Transfer by bus: circa 25 km 

Today’s cycling itinerary leads us to Lake Sevan through Chambarak. In contrast to the lush vegetation around Dilijan, here the mountains become bare: an impressive steppe-like landscape is reached around Lake Sevan at 1900 m. Its cool turquoise blue water invites you to take a bath in the summer. The migratory birds of the beaches and waters stop here during the long spring and autumn walks. On the peninsula of Sevan, originally an island and now a peninsula due to the lowering of the lake’s water level. We will also visit the monastery of Sevan, which dates back to the 9th century. Dinner and overnight at Lake Sevan. FA

Bicycle path: about 75 km, 1.955 – 2.450 – 1.220 m


After breakfast we will continue to cycle around Lake Sevan, we will pass through a magnificent solitary landscape, on the left a mighty mountain range behind which the Azerbaijan border lines up, on the right the silvery lake. The road sometimes turns into a track. On the way you can swim and picnic in the summer. Not far from the village of Tsovinar, we will go up to the Urartean fortress Teisheba-Ura and enjoy the splendid view of the lake. Dinner and overnight in Martuni. FA

Bicycle path: about 75 km, 1.955 – 2.450 – 1.220 m

After breakfast, we will leave Lake Sevan, and take the road towards the Selim Pass and will climb 25 km through a steppe. We will visit the homonymous caravanserai of the 14th century. At an altitude of 2,410 m, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Ararat.  Here passed a section of the ancient Silk Road. A spectacular descent to Yeghegnadzor. Dinner and overnight in Yeghegnadzor. FA

Bicycle path: about 85 km, 1.870 – 2.028 – 1.400 m

Transfer by bus: about 40 km

After breakfast we start crossing the Vayots Dzor province. The viticulture in this region dates back to the 3th millennium BC. Wine barrels with traces of wine from this period were found in a cave in the province, called the “Birds cave” where was also discovered the oldest shoe in the world. Here the endemic Areni grape grows, from which the well-known red wine “Areni” is produced. Visit to the monastery of Noravank, located at the end of the beautiful gorge of river Amaghu. Afterwards we will continue towards Garni, which was the summer residence of the Armenian kings and is famous for the only Hellenistic temple (1st century) preserved in the Caucasus. After Garni we will continue to Geghard and will visit the rock monastery at the end of a gorge, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Armenia. Dinner and overnight in Yerevan. FM

After breakfast transfer to the airport. Check-in and flight. End of services

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